It’s Swimming Season at Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse

Though the frigid and blustery winter persists outside, inside the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club’s Murphy Clubhouse pool, the atmosphere is warm and bright.

This week, ESKW/A met up with photographer David Sundberg of Esto Photography for a photoshoot of the recently completed Thomas S. Murphy pool. The Boys & Girls Club graciously allowed us to sit in on an afternoon swim program so that we could capture the kids in action.

We’re immensely proud of the renovation (one discerning nine-year old swimmer remembered swimming in the pool pre-renovation and graded the work as an A+++), and we can’t wait to share the official photos. For now, take a look at some quick pics we took at the photoshoot.





Progress at the Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse

Some of our longer-term fans may recall our excited post from 2 years back at the very beginning of our pool renovation project at the Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse, in Flatbush, Brooklyn, for the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club.

ESKW/A and the Owner’s Representative LOM Properties brought a photographer on board to snap underwater photos of the kids from the club swimming to be featured in a large-scale tile mosaic mural in the pool room.  Annie Kountz, Project Architect, described her personal connection to the Boys & Girls Club, and we shared a fun video capture of the kids in action.  The project is now in construction, and the tile mosaic has arrived in annotated panels and is being laid out in preparation for installation later this week. We can’t wait for the kids to see the project, and for those who were part of the photoshoot to see themselves immortalized on the walls of their club.

Catching up with Summer Intern Zane Birenbaum

We are happy to learn that summer intern Zane Birenbaum was accepted to Carnegie Mellon University’s Architecture Program. Zane is a senior at Stuyvesant High School and came to work at ESKW/A because of his interest in pursuing a degree in Architecture. At our office, Zane worked on the Thomas J Murphy Pool for the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club with Kimberly, Jun and fellow intern Jordana. He enjoyed learning about the elements that go in to design and the process of starting with an inspiration and developing a design which included making study models to communicate and study a design idea. He was also involved in making a design presentation to the Client. At Carnegie Mellon, he’s looking forward to being in an environment with people who are as passionate about architecture as he is.


Zane’s study model for the Thomas J Murphy Pool for the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club.

Congratulations Zane! We wish you the best of luck next fall. Enjoy the rest of your senior year and get sleep while you can…