Mayor de Blasio Visits 1561 Walton Avenue

de BlasioToday, at Settlement Housing Fund‘s 1561 Walton Avenue, the Mayor announced that 2017 marked the highest number of affordable housing units produced in the City’s history.

His administration financed 32,116 affordable homes last year, breaking the all-time record previously set by former Mayor Ed Koch in 1989 of 25,243 units, according to the press release. The City also broke the record for the most new construction with 9,140 affordable homes. Nearly 60 percent of all homes financed will serve New Yorkers making less than $47,000 for a family of three.

We’re honored to serve this mission. Below are the official photos of our 1561 Walton Avenue project, which provided 60 affordable units.

A video of today’s event appears at the end of the post, in which Mayor de Blasio hands a resident the keys to her new home to celebrate the milestone.


Mayor of Renewal: Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle, the Executive Director of New Settlement Apartments, was named the “Mayor of Renewal” in a New York Times article last week that profiled the “real mayors of New York.” The glowing profile highlighted Jack’s contributions to the Mt. Eden neighborhood of the Bronx. He works to build community there as both a longtime resident of the area and as the director of the community-based organization. New Settlement owns and manages many affordable housing buildings and hosts cultural and educational programs. Our project New Settlement Community Campus is the most recent venue in which the organization is supporting the neighborhood. If you haven’t checked out the amazing programs provided at the Community Center — Alvin Ailey dance classes, yoga, and swimming, to name just a few — we suggest you follow their Facebook page.

Congratulations, Jack. We are proud to partner with New Settlement on their work to make New York City communities vibrant and strong, and we’re happy that the NYT honors these heroes.