Catching up with Summer Intern Zane Birenbaum

We are happy to learn that summer intern Zane Birenbaum was accepted to Carnegie Mellon University’s Architecture Program. Zane is a senior at Stuyvesant High School and came to work at ESKW/A because of his interest in pursuing a degree in Architecture. At our office, Zane worked on the Thomas J Murphy Pool for the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club with Kimberly, Jun and fellow intern Jordana. He enjoyed learning about the elements that go in to design and the process of starting with an inspiration and developing a design which included making study models to communicate and study a design idea. He was also involved in making a design presentation to the Client. At Carnegie Mellon, he’s looking forward to being in an environment with people who are as passionate about architecture as he is.


Zane’s study model for the Thomas J Murphy Pool for the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club.

Congratulations Zane! We wish you the best of luck next fall. Enjoy the rest of your senior year and get sleep while you can…


The Ratensky Lecture

Carlton Brown

Carlton Brown, a developer who has been deeply involved in furthering affordable, sustainable housing in New York City; Jackson, Mississippi; New Orleans, Louisiana; and throughout Africa, was recently honored at the Center for Architecture’s 2013 Ratensky Lecture.

Due to our office’s history of involvement in affordable and sustainable projects, Mr. Brown’s stick-to-itiveness and enduring vision were especially resonant and inspiring. Andrew Knox, Partner, ending his five-year tenure as co-chair for the Housing Committee, helped introduce Mr. Brown. Claire Webb, Marketing Director, wrote about the lecture for the e-Oculus Magazine:

Carlton Brown is a man of big ideas and grand ideals. Honored last week at the Ratensky Lecture at the Center for Architecture, Brown talked about how his upbringing in the Civil Rights Era South shaped his philosophy of inclusivity and the importance of sharing resources equitably. Using four touch points, Brown harnessed a mantra that has shaped his role as a developer: “Generate more energy than we use, include more people than we exclude, use more waste than we create, and create more wealth than we consume.”

Read the full article here, and watch Mr. Brown’s lecture here.

Photo and video credit: The Center for Architecture, AIA New York Chapter

BxC in the New York Times

The changing model of how kids can best learn in New York City has brought charter schools to the forefront of the discussion. This New York Times article uses the Bronx Community Charter School as a flashpoint for looking at the challenges faced by schools operating outside the mold and functioning under non-traditional funding structures.