True Colors Residence in the New Yorker

The True Colors Residence was referenced in Rachel Aviv’s “Netherland” article in The New Yorker Magazine, published December 10th, 2012. We are proud to work with West End Residences who does amazing work to support homeless LGBT youth, an underserved group in New York City. “Netherland” follows the story of Samantha, a runaway who found a home at True Colors, and her transition from the streets to permanent housing.

In September, 2011, the state’s first permanent subsidized apartment building for homeless gay, lesbian, and transgender youth opened. The building, called True Colors, was co-founded by Cyndi Lauper, had had been troubled by all the L.G.B.T. teens on the Christopher Street Pier who seemed to have nowhere else to go. Samantha happened to meet a caseworker the day that the building began accepting applications, and was one of the first to apply. Only a few weeks before her housing interview, she had been hired to do outreach work for another youth agency – a paying job. She signed a lease that limited her rent to thirty per cent of her annual income, or two hundred and eighty-six dollars a month.”

With a New Yorker subscription, you can read the entire article here.

Continuing the mission of creating a similar facility in every borough, West End Residences and ESKW/A are moving forward with a True Colors Residence in the Bronx. Check back for updates.


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