Ever Ready Blue Print Lunch

Back in the days of actual mylars and truly BLUE blueprints, the Architect’s relationship with their blueprinter was a thing of great value. Well over twenty-five years ago when the The Edelman Partnership / Architects was located on Sixth Avenue, we employed the services of newly established blue printer Ever Ready Blue Print. They provided quick dependable service and we soon developed a strong relationship with Charlene Loo and her staff. As a “thank you” for our business, one year Ever Ready offered to cater a Christmas lunch for the office. There were many gift baskets that year, and it didn’t work out for them to bring lunch to the office, so instead Charlene offered to treat the office to a traditional Chinese New Year banquet at a Chinatown restaurant. And what a treat it was! Peking duck, lo mein, lettuce rolls, you name it, year after year we enjoyed every bite. As the years have passed and our relationship with Ever Ready has held fast, we have stretched our Chinese New Year lunch to a variety of locations, and we are always happy to have a visit from “Mrs. Ever Ready” herself: Charlene Loo. We recently finally got around to our much belated Chinese New Year lunch at Inoteca on the Lower East Side. The food was delicious, the wine was divine, and the company was top notch. Thank you, Ever Ready, for a wonderful lunch, but more importantly for more than 25 years of amazing service.

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The NY Aquarium, post Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy buffeted the East Coast last week, one of the areas hardest hit was Coney Island on New York’s coastline. The New York Aquarium, located just off the boardwalk, braved the storm but has sustained serious damages, and is now closed to the public indefinitely. You can read more here. While Sandy’s cost to the neighborhood’s homes and people is unimaginable, also affected were its aquatic inhabitants.

The Wildlife Conservation Society – with whom ESKW/A has a decade-long relationship – is collecting donations to rebuild. Please consider donating here.

Here are a few more organizations that are facilitating relief efforts:

American Red Cross

Rockaway Relief

Volunteer Match

Time Out New York