Shipwreck Exhibit at the New York Aquarium

By Cary Trochesset and Claire Webb

A major goal of the proposed new shark exhibit at the New York Aquarium on Coney Island is to enrich the public’s knowledge of the vast marine life that thrives just off the coast of New York. A recent video by the New York Times highlights how the Wildlife Conservation Society, the owner-operator for the Aquarium, is conducting underwater research of local shipwrecks to best portray this hidden world. The New York Waters exhibit will showcase a typical New York shipwreck as well as the unique local marine species like sharks, anemones, and mussels that are attracted to it. The exhibit will mimic the researcher’s experience of diving at the wreck for Aquarium visitors.

Edelman Sultan Knox Wood / Architects is the Associate Architect for Ocean Wonders: Sharks! The animation of the 3D model featured in the video was done by The Portico Group, the lead Project Architect. For a full list of consultants or more information about this project, please email Cary at

Rendering of the New York Aquarium courtesy of The Portico Group


Spotlight on NSCC’s Public Art

By Kimberly Murphy

Construction at New Settlement Community Campus progresses steadily toward the planned opening in September. With so many of the special elements of the building nearly finished, it is hard to select one area to highlight; however, the Public Art installation is one of my personal favorites.

The Public Art commissioned by NYC DOE through Public Art for Public Schools from Artist W Scott Trimble is integrated into the architecture of the building both physically and metaphorically. The building houses two schools: a PS and IS/HS, each with separate entrances and Lobbies but with a shared entry plaza. This division and connection is illustrated by Trimble’s design. Brightly colored intertwining paths generated at the entry plaza lead into each lobby. The yellow and blue paths, signature colors for the IS/HS, lead into the IS/HS Lobby; and the red and green paths, signature colors for the PS, lead into the PS Lobby.

Artist drawings of the Entry plaza design and the paths into the IS/HS and PS Lobbies

The artist’s design celebrates the vibrant activity of the school lobby and entry by dynamically transforming two dimensional paths into three dimensional objects. The school as a community benefits from carefully planned co-mingling of the various populations at key locations such as the entry plaza.

Left: IS/HS Lobby. Right: PS Lobby

The interior paths are created with water-jet cut terrazzo tiles by Wausau Tiles.

Once inside, the paths (which are a metaphor for exploration and learning) twist and turn and will transform into three dimensional benches and will then disperse to lead toward the classroom spaces.

The exterior paths are created with Lithocrete colored paving. The photos show the process of the Lithocrete colored bands being laid out, poured, recycled glass aggregate being set, and the final sealer being applied.

Completed Installation of the entry plaza artwork

The work was commissioned by Public Art for Public Schools and will be part of the collection of the NYCDOE.

Many thanks to W. Scott Trimble, Todd Hawkins of PAPS

Louis Nine and Intervale Green wins ANHD Award

By Cary Trochesset

Intervale Green and Louis Nine House as seen from the subway

We are proud to announce that our project Intervale Green and Louis Nine House has received the 2012 Affordable Housing Development of the Year Award from the Association for Neighborhood Housing Development (ANHD). We are proud to support our client, the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco), who provides sustainable and affordable homes as well as numerous support services to the South Bronx community.

The two buildings that comprise the project provide much-needed housing in this once-blighted area. Intervale Green, a mixed-use, seven-story, 128-unit residential apartment building, accommodates low to moderate-income families; the adjacent Louis Nine House, a four-story, 46-unit building, provides housing and care for young adults emerging from the foster care system.

Left: Intervale Green  Right: Louis Nine House